Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Following God

In an age that focuses on leadership so intently, I want to suggest we consider the most important aspect of determining which leader to follow. Follow the one that's following Jesus. You can tell by how the person walks and talks. Does the leader resemble Jesus? Can you imagine the leader in Jesus' shoes?

This requires your knowledge of who Jesus is and your awareness of that which is important to Him. Once you've settled on the answers to these questions, you'll be in a position to determine the veracity of the leader who follows Jesus.

May God bless you in your journey to follow the lead of Jesus.

1 Peter 5:1 (MSG)
1 I have a special concern for you church leaders. I know what it's like to be a leader, in on Christ's sufferings as well as the coming glory.


Anonymous said...

People of God. They may not be the best preachers, they may not be the best managers, but they are the best leaders.

Anonymous said...

............ and that's why so many of us choose to follow you! Lead on man of God! Nikki