Friday, 18 May 2007


The docklands of Melbourne is an interesting place to visit. There are restaurants galore and a few shops. Plenty of people have condos and flats in the area. Having been there before, we went that way tonight for a good experience with friends.

It's in these moments and in these places where the world seems detached from the pressures of life that I wonder how it is that we can reach these for Christ. They are consumed with the sweet life and are enjoying it fully. How do we get through in these environments to tell them of Jesus?

Acts 21:5 (MSG)
5 When our time was up, they escorted us out of the city to the docks. Everyone came along—men, women, children. They made a farewell party of the occasion! We all kneeled together on the beach and prayed.


Totally sold out on Him said...

I am aware of a friend of mine who moved into the area, with the specific desire to reach these people for Christ, He and his wife now run a cafe church mid week in the city, perhaps we in the army might send an officer couple into that area, house them in an apartment with the express purpose of planting a cafe style Army ministry there. it might look very different to what we normally do, but it will work and it will reach people for Christ.

Jim Knaggs said...

We do have a few cafes around. I would welcome their evangelistic success.

Tweedle Dee said...

Lets not jump the gun with a cafe church, even though we know they can work well.

I think totally sold out on Him has the right idea in a way.

Planting a couple in the area to incarnationally minister to the community they are apart of. By being incarnational the couple will soon discover a need within the community in which they will be able to minister. It maybe a Cafe or it maybe a Gym or a laundret who knows what God has planned for Docklands. However, I know and trust He will reveal it to the right couple.