Monday, 7 May 2007

Red Shield Appeal

Tomorrow we launch the annual Red Shield Appeal with the hope that we will attract enough attention for the community to understand that "We're all in this together." I wish I could report that the needs of people have decreased and that TSA is needed less than ever before. It is true for many we have helped through the year. Their needs have decreased, but the reality remains that even more people have critical basic needs.

In the name of God we intend to press on to serve Him by serving people. Not unlike the love of God, we hope to help people unconditionally and uncompromisingly. We do so in His strength and by the resources He provides from the hearts of many people. We're trusting that Australians of all walks of life will join us in this cause. "We're all in this together," and together we will make a huge difference in the lives of Australians.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (MSG)
11 So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you'll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you're already doing this; just keep on doing it.


Anonymous said...

If you were to mention woman in ministry, styles of music, the differences in many uniforms today in various Corps and Centres then you would have MANY comments! Sadly the Red Shield Appeal doesn't conjure up as much passion... if anything some Salvationists automatically grumble when May comes around.

Ok, ok... I have been known to do the same thing. BUT, if not for this Appeal, we would have less opportunity to raise money for the Centres we run and would lose an amazing opportunity to bring awareness to the public of our ministry with people in great need.

As someone who is currently in an appointment that relies fully on funds raised through public appeals like this, let me encourage people to enter into these days with a positive spirit and to focus on the invaluable ministries you will be assisting because of the Red Shield Appeal.

Who knows... maybe there will be many 'God-moments' where you can share your faith with people you meet on the streets and also with the volunteers who enthusiastically give of their personal time to help us out!



Personally, I LOVE Red Shield Appeal!!!!
What other day in the year is our community ready and eager to have a chat with a Salvo? a day when people are waiting at home with a piggybank for the Salvos to come around?

Also what other day of the year are people disappointed when no one from their local Salvos knocks on their door? It may be the only day all year that some will meet a Salvo...

Lets use this awesome opportunity to raise money, to raise awareness in our communities, but most importantly, to share the love of Jesus with everyone we meet!

This is an awesome outreach opportunity, it may be tough for some, but remember this is an opportunity for evangelism, as Christians we can't let this pass by. Do it for Jesus and for the eternal difference made possible by Him for the future of the people YOU meet!

Jim Knaggs said...

Thank you Debbie and Jo. You get it.