Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Holy Days

We have completed the celebration of Holy Days at Family Camp in the Southwest Ohio and Northeast Kentucky Division of the USA Eastern Territory. Rarely have we seen the spontaneous movement of people to the Mercy Seat at different points in the meetings. There was no reason for them to wait for the end of the sermon. The Holy Spirit moved in hearts and they responded to honour God. Hallelujah!

The Kingdom of God has increased and members of the Kingdom have increased their holy capacity to love...just as God designed.

Hosea 9:5 (MSG)
5 Will you be homesick for the old Holy Days? Will you miss festival worship of God?


Timo said...

Commissioner(s) Knaggs:

Thank you for your leadership into the Word and Spirit this weekend! It was truly one of those where you had to be there to fully comprehend the moving of the Spirit in the lives of His people. I know that we are better prepared to run the race and our vision fixed on Him to make it each day with an unshakable faith, because He is Alive and His eyes are fixed on us!

Thank you Australia Southern Territory for sharing the Commissioners with us!

Jim Knaggs said...

Tim - Your faithfulness is being honoured by God. You and Lisa are one of His gifts to us.