Thursday, 25 September 2008


Prayer is essential in the journey of a believer. In prayer, we enjoy the presence of God and the awareness that He is involved with our world and our lives. A prominent church minister in Melbourne has declared publicly that God is not an interventionist God. The minister is very wrong, but also misses this joy in life, which is sad.

Is it possible for us to trust God more with an increase in our prayer life? There are more matters in the world and in TSA that needs this support as we go forward. I thank God for those who are today engaged in our 24/7 prayer movement. Pray on and pray as if life depends upon it. It does.

James 5:16 (MSG)
16 Make this your common practice: Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you can live together whole and healed. The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.


David said...

Have you possibly misunderstood that "prominent Uniting Church minister"?

Instead of leaning towards a besmirching of another's theological understanding, why not take a different approach - an approach of dialogue with the allegedgly "very wrong" minister.

Jim, I suggest you open communication channels with the Uniting Church minister in question, discuss your differences and then report back on this blog.

It would be better if a unified position is presented to the world.

Anonymous said...


One of the things that I have accepted and tried hard not to fall in that trap - from right early on in my officership - is never to deride another persons belief system and theological understanding without knowing where she or he is coming from.

To say that the understanding of a 'liberal' United Church minister is faulty and wrong because it does not agree with your understanding is rather a 'closed mind' simplistic approach and will not make for good mutual Christian relationships ( even IF he is wrong in your opinion!)

Ask him to explain his position and give him the opportunity to defend himself.... it would be very interesting to hear of the outcome on your blog


Jim Knaggs said...

David and RB,

Thank you for your comments. They are both well intentioned.

The point of the blog is that God interacts with His creation, unquestionably. This is not simply an opinion. It is the declaration of the Word of God, authenticated through the ages.

wendy said...

David and Anonymous

An article in The Age newspaper gave a brief outline of this ministers thinking and future direction. Whilst I do not know this gentleman personally, I do have concerns regarding his beliefs. The very basis of Christian belief is that Jesus was/is the Son of God, not just the son of a Jewish peasant, (as quoted by him in the Age newspaper 16 Sept 08) There were a number of other alarming false teachings in this article (available on the age website if you want to search for it). What this very prominent melbourne minister is saying does not measure to the truth of the bible. It is this that concerns me about his so called new faith.

Evangelist for Christ said...

Hey jimmy knaggs, My name is Jake Clanfield, i thought id comment on your blog on prayer, because i flippen love prayer aye! You know i think that intimicy with God has alot to do with prayer! God is moving let us talk with him so we know where to move also!

P.S chek out my blogs please. God bless brother