Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Airport Chaplain

Occasionally, Carolyn and I will encounter a Salvo Airport Chaplain in our journeys. We did so recently in the Sydney Airport. As we saw her from a distance, we were impressed that she was having tea with airport staff. They were fully engaged and it was clear to us that God was at work.

When she finished her conversation, we, on furlough and not in uniforms, simply introduced ourselves as Melbournian Salvos. She immediately recognised us and we, by her name tag, met Commissioner Verna Skinner. Never having met before, but having heard plenty about her life and ministry, we saw this as a great opportunity to connect and get to know her a little. Her visit was a gift from God. She was gracious, forthright and blessed us with prayer. Thank you, Lord, for this faithful servant.

Luke 4:32 (MSG)
32 They were surprised and impressed—his teaching was so forthright, so confident, so authoritative, not the quibbling and quoting they were used to.

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jsi said...

A touching inspiration and a motivation to continue to include sacred conversations into every daily encounter.
We pray for you, your ministry and your family. God is at work in all the circumstances and events which surround you. It is a humbling reality that God uses us, wrks through us, accomplishes His divine loving contact through us.
Embrace and enjoy your day while walking hand in hand with the Master.