Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Training College Review

Yesterday we conducted the review of the Training College, here in Melbourne. It is the second oldest Training College in TSA and is celebrating their 125th anniversary. Capably led by Captain Stephen Court with the complete team of officers, employees and volunteers, it is one of the finest expressions of training for officers in the world.

The review proved that their work reached most of their goals and surpassed many in new and creative ways. The Cadets are experiencing a dynamic array of battle conditions and academic advancement in the proper context of required competencies officer training. They are learning well and are a credit to TSA. Hallelujah!

2 Timothy 3:16 (MSG)
16 Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another—showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God's way.

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