Monday, 22 December 2008

Who speaks for the Salvos?

We've been greatly misrepresented by someone who characterised themself as a representative of TSA. A reputable newspaper took their word and created a grossly false report that might have damaged our good name and affected our mission negatively.

So who has the right to do that? No one.

What speaks louder than a misguided individual are our everyday deeds and consistent efforts to support marginalised people and partner with government with integrity and deep conviction. We don't deviate from these objectives. We do so with sacred resolve. This speaks for itself. Thank God.

Ephesians 1:23 (MSG)
23 The church, you see, is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the church. The church is Christ's body, in which he speaks and acts, by which he fills everything with his presence.


David said...

Isn't there a contradiction here? Reputable newspapers do not create "grossly false" reports.

Unless your are referring to Australian newspapers - they are all disreputable. Then you are just being kind in a patronising sort of way.

jsi said...

What a terrible miscarriage of decency and integrity. Are you able to correct the wrongness? It is a challenge to counter something once its in print - but when right is one your side, it is well worth the challenge.
Merry Christmas

David said...

Here's an interesting report:

The interesting bit is:

"Whatever the nature of their gusto, the Salvation Army's performance in Job Network started well and has dramatically declined.

In 2006, according to a well-placed source, the Salvos were strongly warned that they were behaving unethically by falsely declaring job seekers as highly disadvantaged or disabled in order to gain more funds.

That warning went unheeded.

A subsequent investigation by the federal employment department resulted in the organisation being forced to repay at least $9 million.

The Salvos lost government contracts -- and had to shed 160 staff."

Is it true that the SA repaid a substantial sum after investigation by a federal agency?

David said...

Here's another good bit from the same report:

"In August, the National Employment Services Association (the peak body including private, for-profit providers) held two concurrent conferences in Cairns. Registration for the two-day event averaged a cool $1800 a delegate.

The conference dinner was $150 a head. Some participants were gobsmacked when the Salvation Army flew in 70 delegates.

Dressed in matching grey polo shirts, the mob scored the derisive nickname ``Storm Cloud'' as they moved en masse, lapping up the tourism delights of northern Queensland.

They even paid for a separate jaunt, out to the Barrier Reef."

Anonymous said...

Praying for the assurance of God's blessing and favor on both TSA and yourself Commissioner! Rest in Him!
Blessings of the Season!
Faye Strickland

Beijing said...

I do wish that the Correspondent "David " would put his first initial after his name, there are a lot of "Davids" a most sincere and kind Christmas wish to the Commissioner and his Lady, so far from home and guiding the Army ship.I read the Commissioners notes in my first approach to the day as the Sun rises over Beijing or wherever else in China the hand of God gently leads me.

Anonymous said...

David, get lost! Find a more worthwhile occupation than reading and commenting on blogs. Make a new year resolution to 'but out'.

David said...

And a happy and safe festive season to you, too, Anonymous. May your new year be prosperous and find you in good health.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

Yes its sad. And upsetting. However please beleive that the Lord will turn this situation and even the words of the person around for His good and glory.

Jesus was used to constant and persistant persecution. He is fully acquainted with our sorrows and griefs.

The enemy may have made a significant hit, and perhaps caused some damage, however, TSA needs to rally, unite, pray effectively, and move on despite misrepresentations, scandals. I know it can be done!

Hey David, at least TSA are open enough to share about what is going on in their world, unlike other unamed denominations which stay in darkness in the corner, and only get mentioned when going to court for questionable acts.
No points to you for kicking a someone when they are down! Hope you have a lovely Christmas full of miracles. I will be praying for you.

Keep marching on soldiers!!

God bless you all!

Jim Knaggs said...

It is an interesting subject. one of the lessons is that you can't exactly believe everything you read in the news.

Great to hear from you Faye. I hope your trip home was good and that you have a blessed Christmas.

jsi - Merry Christmas....

Anon. - Thank you for your words of encouragement.

David - Let Jesus be born in your heart this Christmas.

David said...

So it is not true that the Salvos or any agency of the Salvos repaid federal government funds after an investigation by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for incorrect classification of job seekers?

Why do I ask? I'm an Australian taxpayer.

beijing said...

May I gently say that a blog site should reasonably identify the person writing, John, Tom, David and so forth can misidentify.
Anyones opinions whether they are mischievous or vexatious have a right to be printed although both those variables may be subjective.
May I with respect suggest that the commissioner request that those who send opinions into the site identify themselves properly?
It is a sad point to reflect on that there are always those within any club or organization who feed their ego on the fact that negative comment may be an outcome of pain that has been caused by that organization a delicious feeling for those within.

Regarding staff members of the Salvation Army if what we believe is true Spiritually then we joy in the grace of God through the birth life death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus or we are in big trouble if we have put our snouts in the trough or been caught with our fingers in the till, we do this in the sight of Jesus, Judas was the one in charge of business and money and hung himself in shame.

Whatever we as Salvationist have or hope to achieve is in the hands and mind of God, I salute the Commissioner and suggest that David go out and share his food and coat with the poor at Christmas, the doings of the Leaders are trivial and silly in comparison.

A Christmas greeting to all those who share with me the overwhelming joy of the birth of our Savior, I have no interest in those who are slick smart business Christians they frankly bore me. If you feel great wearing grey T shirts at Cairns then the Devil is short changing you already. For me? Anna and I will share Christmas as we have opportunity in one of our local churches (Chinese) not the foolish foreigner church, I already know that at Churches through China, Fuzshou, Xiamen, Beijing Wugan that thousands will attend each service and that there will not be one empty seat, in house TV for those who cannot get in the main Hall, I share with my God the great Joy of the Christians in China whilst the Western Christians bore every one with their contemporary Hoo Haa and Whoo Hoos.


David (Barnett)