Sunday, 26 April 2009


In the remembering of a day every year, we highlight the significance of the event itself. If the annual event is a birthday, the person and the family are celebrated often with gifts and all. A wedding anniversary can be very positive as well.

There are anniversaries of difficult days too. These days can bring sorrow or even depression. In some ways, this is not altogether bad as we need to recollect certain losses or calamities in our lives to give us perspective.

Whichever type of anniversary you will be facing this week or so, make the best of it and share in the constructive journey of your life.

Leviticus 23:44 (MSG)
44 Moses posted the calendar for the annual appointed feasts of God which Israel was to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this there is a belief that birthdays & anniversaries etc. are a prideful thing not to be celebrated(which has come up with my discussions with someone) but I see your point that God has given these days for us to celebrate His work in our lives -Give Him the glory

Anonymous said...

Achieving things, be they goals or signs of longevity, need to be acknowledged. Yes, sometimes they can be times of sadness. But in that sadness, we can become more aware of who we are, and what we have experienced and become along our journey.
Celebrating milestones helps us also to measure the greatness of achievement over time, and the special characteristics God has given the human spirit.

Thanks for your thoughts Commissioner. Always thought provoking and interesting.

Beijing said...

A sincere thank you from a Brit to all the Australian boys who stood by my dear country and my grandfather my uncles and my father as they took their stand and opposed evil,in 1914 and 39 Politically incorrect now but the reality remains. Lest we forget.The gallantry of the Australian Astonished the world as they fought not to extend war but to stop evil men prospering. My Grandfather"s Regiment (Notts Derby) fought and stood with the Australians at Gallipoli. I already know the politically correct responses so with gentle respect I have no patience to hear them again. I visited Nan Jing once NanKing and whilst lecturing visiting the Temple, absolutely horrible.

Annette said...

Hi Anonymous, what a shame that anyone thinks that birthdays are prideful celebrations? It is God that gives life, not the person celebrating! Enjoy the life you have, and celebrate often! John 10:10.

Anonymous said...

yes Annette so true thanks I will share both the verse you have given and your comment and also the verse used by the commissioner in my discussions with said person