Friday, 24 April 2009

Bless the Lord

What would you do with a programme that has linked 908 families in one year with the corps? How about 20 new soldiers as a result? $182,318.04 was raised and given for projects local and international. Both the membership and attendance statistics are increasing.

Is it possible? Sure. It's called Women's Ministries. Considering their ministry, I'm proud to be a Salvo.

Luke 24:1 (NIV)
1 On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading a book at the moment that suggests instead of having families seperated into these "ministries" that we should be ministering to the whole family together - I kind of like that idea
Acts 16:31

Anonymous said...

i salute women's ministries!

when is the army going to "get serious" about men's ministries? i don't see the same 'kingdom-minded' focus within the salvos when it come to men.

are there THQ/DHQ men's ministries depts?

i sadly recall that the men's bible conference in victoria was suddenly discontinued a couple of years ago - and that was a major men's ministry event opportunity.

it's about time for a renewed ministry focus that includes men (marrieds and singles) as well.

present reality is: if men don't play an instrument or sing in a choir they are often isolated from church life.

restore the focus please!

Anonymous said...

to add to that present reality: if they arent married..

yes, men need a relevant pastoral care ministry also.


Anonymous said...

I'm not proud to be a Salvo when numbers / statistics become more important than spiritual growth in people. NCD has great principles - growth comes naturally.

I would rather read of what is actually happening without the statistics involved.

Alan R Laurens said...

I am convinced that there are many men who would rally to a recommencement of a Men's State Fellowship and we would be blessed of the Lord.
Thank God for the Salvation Army Family how I pray we will keep it under God and the Lord Himself will rule over it!
Alan R Laurens (Major)

Jim Knaggs said...

Such diverse responses. I delight in the way we are so very different and will attempt not to be defensive.

A1 - Ministering to the whole family is a great idea.

A2- If you leave it to me or someone else, it may never happen. Would you, please do something about it?

A3 - I certainly agree.

A4 - Statistics more important than people? Is that what you read above? I apologise for misleading you. I was thinking, bless the Lord for His provision and the empirical proof of it. I think that's natural. People count.

Major Laurens - and I believe you.

A5 - Yes, we are all different. Only constructive comments here, please.

I can't say enough about the women in our movement. Let every culture in the world know how important women are to us and to God. They are never second class citizens.

Our men are OK too, but that's for another blog.

David said...

Perhaps the men can attend the women's ministries - sit at the back. Obviously they would need to absent themselves when secret women's business is being discussed.

Anonymous said...

A2 - I couldn't agree more!!

While we're talking of stats, it would be interesting to compare the Australian Southern Territory's annual budget and stats for Women's Ministries next to its "Men's Ministries". I wonder how many families have been linked to corps and soldiers made. Money raised?