Monday, 20 April 2009

Kowloon Central Corps

We worshipped God here at the Kowloon Central Corps in Hong Kong. After the photo was taken, all seats were filled. This is a corps that expects visitors. We were greeted at the door with English materials including an English copy programme. Next we were asked if we wanted to use their translation headsets. The meeting was primarily in Mandarin, but materials and simultaneous translation was available in both Cantonese and English. They're showing us the right way here.

Carolyn and I were blessed to be in their company. Hallelujah!

1 John 3:3 (MSG)
3 All of us who look forward to his Coming stay ready, with the glistening purity of Jesus' life as a model for our own.

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Beijing said...

Great Corps, took my little family there years ago on Christmas day when one of my Brit compatriots played the "missionary" with a splendid group of Salvationist "We have come a long way to speak to you of Jesus" and they gave both my little boys a gift each, we then flew out to London, Lagos, Rome and Cairo but the highlight of that tour was the kindness shown to my sons by those up market Salvationists.I remember the kindness, can"t really remember a word my compatriots gave in his lecture.