Monday, 5 March 2007

Connections 2007

Building upon a very healthy expression of Salvationism, we are announcing the coming event and plan that will refresh the way we look at TSA in the Australian Southern Territory. It is time for us to consider just who we are in today's terms and in light of today's issues. It is time for a fresh engagement of the Holy Spirit in the contemporary context of our mission.

On the occasion of the visit of General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton, we will draw together the year 2007 Salvos who properly include the Salvationists, SA employees, volunteers and other brothers and sisters who share in our hopes to heal broken people in the cause of leading them to Christ. Today's Salvation Army needs to be an inclusive Army in order to widen the influence of God's love in our land.

I hope you're with us. Look for the announcements as they begin to appear and plan to make "Connections."

John 15:4 (CEV)
4 Stay joined to me, and I will stay joined to you. Just as a branch cannot produce fruit unless it stays joined to the vine, you cannot produce fruit unless you stay joined to me.


armybarmy said...

When? grace,

Jim Knaggs said...

November 22-25, 2007

Gonna make "Connections"?

Grazer said...

Will children and youth get to make "Connections" as well?

Jim Knaggs said...

Absolutely, G. There are Connections for everyone. We'll most likely be looking to you for help.


Praise the Lord! I'm so encouraged at the new initiatives I hear coming from THQ... After working there for some time I understand some of the frustrations that used to be communicated from both THQ and Corps, but praise God, I'm constantly surprised with the updates I'm hearing from 'the top'. God is definately doing a new thing in our Army and if I'm having to make an effort to keep up, then I say its pretty obvious that the spiritual dynamism of the Salvos is making a radical return!

and I totally agree about the Holy Spirit being 'freshly engaged' today in mission. Send the Fire..

Jason Davies-Kildea said...

Everything I've heard about Connections sounds great. Our regular Sunday afternoon meeting and community lunch is also called Connections - thought you might be interested in the words to our grace which is sung before the meal:

"Our God, we've gathered in this place
To share a meal, our lives, your grace
From many places far and near
We've come to make connections here"

It's simple but gathers the meaning of both horizontal and vertical connections that characterise our shared time together. Looking forward to making more Connections...