Saturday, 17 March 2007


Waiting in line for something can be disconcerting. Does it seem to you that when you're waiting in line and there are two lines, that the other line is moving faster? Do you ever change your mind when you were planning to do something and upon discovering a long line, you changed your mind? How about after you die, you find yourself in a line? Can you imagine where you've arrived?

In our A.D.D. world, waiting is less and less expected and mostly unappreciated. The expression, "I can't wait to..." is a common phrase in most of our vocabularies. So when the Scriptures call us to wait upon the Lord, how do we do it? I suggest we do so not as if we were sitting on our hands in a waiting room, but rather as a waiter in a restaurant, serving Him. Waiting upon the Lord is our service.

Psalms 33:20 (NIV)
20 We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield.


Karen said...

Too weird! I posted on this same topic last night on my blog. We are waiting for the river here in Marietta. (My new appointment as of two weeks ago.) The river has been on the rise, and is one foot away from flood stage and from our building. We are just waiting for something to happening. Waiting indeed can be "disconcerting." ~Karen~

jsi said...

Waiting never feels comfortable, or productive, especially when there is a bevy of activity buzzing around. But your aplpication to spiritual converns is so truthful - we are asked to wait for God. A good word from you tonight - thank you!

I always hate waiting in the bank teller drive thru line - there has to be a signal that they get from my vehicle that causes everything to move in slow motion for our line and triple fast for every one else. No other lines, just the bank teller drive thru - augh!

Totally sold out on Him said...

sometimes we get so sick of waiting, well I do... waiting for what, often waiting for futile stuff, I only pray while we are waiting on earth, that we will serve the KING as we are suppossed to, so that the waiting is not so tiresome, and has purpose, oh that more would use their time... for the saviour instead of the futile.


I can't wait to get out of college and into full-time service! As you can see, I'm not an 'appreciative' waiter.... But I pray God gives me more opportunities to be involved in ministry while I'm in the 'waiting zone' and that I can learn to find outlets for all the pent-up energy/passion/fire!!

In truth, I'm a little bit annoyed at God for taking me out of a vibrant life of ministry and putting me here for 2 years of 'waiting' then go out and re-enter a life of ministry (it just seems weird to me!). I hold this in tension with the knowledge that God will work in all circumstances for the good of those who serve him, so I'll just keep on trying my best to serve him in the here and now... and see if God won't surprise me with fond memories of my waiting!!!

Jim Knaggs said...

SCOAM4TW&TS2BR4J - a holy discontent.

Berryinteresting said...

If you wake up and you're standing in line -- it's not HEAVEN! Remember that!