Monday, 9 July 2007

Office Altar

So sometime in the middle of the day when I returned to my office I found an altar there, quite unexpectedly. I believe it is one made by the one of the Brunswick Community Programmes for Connections 07. Before you know it a meeting occurred in the office and we concluded by meeting around the altar on our knees. I figure, God sends you an altar, you better use it! Hallelujah!

What has God put in your world today? Something new or unexpected? It may well be something He wants you to use for His glory. Look around. Consider the possibilities. See what God is doing in your life and what He wants to do.

Revelation 16:7 (MSG)
7 Just then I heard the Altar chime in, Yes, O God, the Sovereign-Strong! Your judgments are true and just!


Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! You've used it!! You like it? The actual ones will be black........ and I've got 24 more in the pipeline!?!?! That should keep a few more of us on our knees!!! Nikki

Totally sold out on Him said...

what's the chances of getting a couple of them after connections for our church ?????
as we have been a very mobile corps plant(setting up in schools and now factories) and have been gradually growing, the holy furniture is a need in our new building ....if there is any chance of getting 2, they sound like they will fit perfectly in our set up...??????

Darren Lamotte said...

It is great to have you back in the country, and even better to hear that our Territorial Leaders would finish a meeting on their knees around an altar seeking the will of God. You are an amazing Christian example to us all !
God can do some amazing things if only we would give Him the chance. God Bless.

Jim Knaggs said...

N - Good can see that there's a request for a couple of these.

TSOH - Nikki will be in touch. If these are already committed, I'll have a few more made for you.

D/L - Walking and marching only follow kneeling.

Totally sold out on Him said...

I agree with D/L, you are a good man and I respect you highly, I am absolutely certain that you are the right man to lead our country/Army at this time...thankyou.
and thanks also for the for the altars...we could really do with them here...thanks again

Anonymous said...

TSOH - absolutely you can have 2! You're first on the list I'll begin to construct! Delighted they're in demand!!

TSOH & D/L - with you there - he is the Man!!! Nikki