Tuesday, 31 July 2007


That stands for Year Two Officers, which is to say those who have now been on the field for two years. We met with God today for a few minutes and shared in some important moments. One of the mates spoke of the significance of his ministry and his deep deep hopes to even be used more strategically. He ministered to us all. I'm glad I was there.

We've got to be passionate about our role in the Kingdom of God. It isn't a casual stroll in the park. It is life and death. Yes, let's be alive and measure the over arching importance of our witness and ministries. God is with us and will guide us in our efforts in His name. Let's not hold back, but go for it. Hallelujah!

Isaiah 16:5 (MSG)
5 A new government of love will be established in the venerable David tradition. A Ruler you can depend upon will head this government, A Ruler passionate for justice, a Ruler quick to set things right."

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