Wednesday, 18 June 2008


For the uninformed, SAGALA stands for Salvation Army Group and Legion Activities. They are minimally active in the territory, but quite valuable where they are active. Major Mim Adams is the territorial representative of these programmes. Today's SAGALA is contemporary, exciting and worth checking out. Why not do so? I'm told it's becoming a great transition for children growing out of Mainly Music.

Our children deserve this kind of attention. Don't be quick to apply your memory of these programmes in the past discourage you from looking into them today.

Matthew 19:14 (MSG)
14 But Jesus intervened: "Let the children alone, don't prevent them from coming to me. God's kingdom is made up of people like these."


Anonymous said...

SAGALA gives us a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Christ with children from our community. The children learn great life skills, and we have heaps of fun! Just ask Cadet Aaron Stobie who first came to The Salvation Army through Boys Legion.
Keitha - Wyndham City

Mim Adams said...

In a safe Christian environment of love, fun and instruction SAGALA aims to provide young people with the skills and abilities to:
- help them discover Jesus,
- know they are valued,
- develop character, enabling them to reach their full potential,
- equip them for life.
Why not check out our webpage?

Anonymous said...

SAGALA is a fantastic program for young people to get into. It gives leadership skills and life lessons to our young folk.

God has given us stewardship and responsibility with young people. I thank God For Major Mim and her committed band of adults who share the love of Christ to the young church of today.

Keep up the good work Major Adams.

Thank you Commissioner for regognising this work that can be taken up by many corps in our territory.

Anonymous said...

With our tendency to go for the new and exciting ministries, its great to see SAGALA not just holding its own, but showing it’s value to the territory.
As a young person I loved Guards and hope that my children have the opportunity of being involved in Legion. Thank you Major Adam’s for continuing this great ministry.

Cadet Stobes!! said...

It was at Legion where I first experienced Christ, through the leaders. They loved me, they cared for me, they supported me, they prayed for me, they encouraged me and most and in being so faithful in their work, they showed me Jesus!

A friend of mine from school invited my brother and I along to go to Legion, and then after awhile, my parents started attending the Army. We became a family on fire for God and for living His mission in this world!

I can confidently say that things would have been much different if we hadn't of started going to Legion, However I believe that God used (and still uses) this ministry in a powerful way! Hallelujah!

red said...

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