Saturday, 30 May 2009

Bands in the Round

Five brass bands joined together tonight at the Northcote Town Hall. Each band was great and their choice of music superior. We were inspired and affirmed. The bands were:

Box Hill Corps Band

Waverley Temple Corps Band

Camberwell Corps Band

Ringwood Corps Band

Melbourne Staff Band

Thank you each for your witness and declaration of the Lordship of Jesus.

Judges 5:3 (MSG)
3 Hear O kings! Listen O princes! To God, yes to God, I'll sing, Make music to God, to the God of Israel.


Anonymous said...

The 'creative' ministries department needs an injection of ideas because 'bands in the round' was done ten years ago. l like many other salvationist actually believed the rhetoric that we were coming into a 'new day'. Looks like back to the future from here.

Anonymous said...

At a time when I was struggling with my faith if it wasn't for the ministry of our corps band and learning to play I probably wouldn't have met the people or had the experiences that have grown my faith and brought me closer to God. Last night was really fun and it was great to get together and see what other bands are up to. Bring on the next one!

Anonymous said...

I think last night was great It was a time to have fellowship together,see friends we have not seen for a long time. we should be getting together more often perhaps next time have a couple of smaller bands, but still have the larger groups as well, don't leave it so long till the next.Its a shame we didn't see more Melb.Central people when it was close to home for them Congratulations Ken Waterworth and your team.

Jim Knaggs said...

Looks like the vote is 2 to 1.

wendy said...

NOt everyone is 'into bands'. I agree with first writer, to go out to an event, I would like to see a variety of the arts, not just sit and listen to Band music all night. I was at the MSB concert in Mryborough a few weeks ago, whilst musically it was great, and they are a great bunch of people. I did not find sitting through 2 hours of band music totally inspiring or spiritually uplifting. We, in The Salvation Army have talented people in many areas, let's not fall into the trap we did in the 50s and 60s and make brass bands the be all and end all.
Wendy from Central Vic

Anonymous said...

If you go to a MSB concert, you should expect to hear band music. The people who attended the "Bands in the Round" concert would have been band enthusiasts and good on 'em I say. If that's what moves them/speaks to them, go for it.

It's not for everyone, but let those who do enjoy it, enjoy it.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who won? ;)

Anonymous said...

What was the point of it all???? Listening to how good we are?

John Duthie said...

Depends on the purpose of the band. One purpose is to worship God, and army brass bands definitely do this.

Is one of the other purposes to entertain those already saved, or to attract new people to church ?

Brass bands may have been innovative and packed them in 100 years ago, but I don't see it happening today, therefore it must be to entertain those already saved.

Russell said...

It would help the Army no end if people actually found out a bit about what's currently happening in society before making comments. Music programs have never been bigger than what they are at the moment. More Melbourne kids are learning brass instruments than ever before. The Melbourne International Brass Festival is growing in attendance every year. That's some of the facts. And here's some more - there were a number of people from outside the Army at the Bands in the Round concert - some of whom play in City Bands. And they heard the gospel and saw the words behind the music courtesy of modern technology. And one staff bandsmen even engaged in conversation about faith with a couple of from Moonee Valley City Band. So well done Ken on being up with the times and doing your bit to reach people with the Gospel.

Anonymous said...

Brass bands are going the way of pleasant sunday afternoons and women's bonnets and knee drills and open airs. BTW its now ok to go to movies, and to dance as well.