Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Knowing God

When you know God, life is sweeter, more beautiful, and fulfilling. You can experience His love and holiness that refreshes your soul and stirs your hopes. God has found a way for us to relate to Him in terms we can understand. His name is Jesus. When we consider Jesus and the amazing way He served His Father, we begin to see how God desires to know us and relate to us.

After we know Jesus, we begin to see that certain people around us actually resemble Him and live their lives in the hope that they might reveal God to people around them.

Perhaps it's the other way around, where the person resembles Jesus who is the image of God, so our first awareness comes from holy people who know God. That sounds easy. Anyone can know God that way. What a plan.

1 Kings 8:60 (MSG)
60 Then all the people on earth will know God is the true God; there is no other God.


Anonymous said...

mm I just checked back in after a few days and found several interesting comments on the red shield appeal - in many ways i agree with the person who said doorknocking is tired - 25 years is a long time but I have been married for almost 30 I have only been doing RSA for 10 or 11 years I do think RSA needs to be revitalised - I have never liked the doorknocking aspect though as I feel it is an intrusion - but every year I go complaining all the while and every year I am told by the same sister it is for God do it cheerfully mmmmmm Always I receive some sort of blessing Usually in the form of someone who needs the money more than me giving their last dollar in 5 cent pces (I want to hand over the bag ) People want to give usually - Salvos have an excellent reputation in this country - we also collect at traffic lights certainly no time talking to people there but & outside shops and these areas do reap more money. a few years ago we had an officer who was very keen and our RSA was totally organised we had a multitude of collectors from the community which left us Salvos able to minister to them and others who came to the door - I think the key is organisation. We have in the past collected at the footy, or local events held on the weekend. there are lots of ways we can collect phaps each local area needs to focus on their own community and what works best - instead of laying it at the feet of the TSA does this person have any ideas to overcome the tiredness of the RSA.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I was going to reply about the Red Shield Appeal but, counted to 5 instead. I will take Jim's advise and act a bit more godly.

wendy simpkin said...

I think this person was saying that in the ad campaigns and from a Territorial level, the door knock is still seen as the major focus. There are other ways to raise monies. I know for myself when doorknocking I am conscious of the area I need to do and that I need to keep moving, as well as keeping an eye on those in my care. This week I have been at our local supermarket and have had two in depth conversations with people, which would not have happened at the door.
As I read through some of the other comments, I want to add that we do not do worship as we did 25 years ago, its changed, we do not have boys homes anymore, its changed, we don't minister the same way to the homeless, those with addictions the same as we did, its changed. and I could go on. Yet when it comes to the RSA, we are meant to do it the same, I simply ask WHY?
I also wonder what would happen to TSA if every soldier tithed, all their income - including the Household stimulus package and family bonuses issued in the last 9 months.
Perhaps some food for thought.

Jim Knaggs said...

Seems as if the RSA generates alot of interest. We couldn't do what we do without it.

John Duthie said...

There are many aspects of my job that I don't like, but I do it because it needs to be done. Maybe this is similar to salvos and red shield appeal, not many people like going door to door begging for money, but it needs to be done. ???