Sunday, 21 June 2009

Thinking of Fathers

Dick & Rick Hoyt, father and son run in marathons together and Ironman competitions as well. I suggest you have a tissue ready as you click on the video link above. Thanks to Team Camberwell Corps for the reference.

Our Father cares for us in this way. Hallelujah!

John 5:20 (MSG)
20 The Father loves the Son and includes him in everything he is doing. “But you haven’t seen the half of it yet,


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Comm Jim - that's such a beautiful clip and so very moving...

Apparently the duo did really good times in the Hawaii Ironman Comp some years ago. And someone put it to the Dad - had he ever considered going solo as the times he did with his son were commendable but without him, the father may have been able to go much faster. The story goes that the father looked the reporter in the eye and simply said, "Alone? What would be the point?"

Powerful, powerful stuff.

Robyn Clinch.

Jack said...

There are also numerous versions of their story to be found on Youtube set to another Christian song - "I Can Only Imagine". Yet from what I have been able to find neither the father nor the son profess to be Christians. This story is about the bond between a father and a son and what they have been able to achieve. Their story has nothing to do with God, yet Christians seem quick to want to latch onto something like this, add their music to it and proclaim it to mean something that it doesn't. Inspirational? Absolutely. Something to show that "My Redeemer Lives"? No.

Jim Knaggs said...

Robyn - Thanks for your contribution

Jack - Thanks for yours. A question: was the prodigal son or his father a Christian? Jack, My Redeemer Lives. You can depend on Him.

XS said...

was the prodigal son or his father a Christian?

The prodigal son and his father were fictional characters. Therefore, Jesus had the right to make them play whatever roles he needed them to play in the story he created.

In contrast, the folks in this video are real. They live real lives that may not have anything to do with Christian faith. Jack's point about the ethics of hijacking this video and Christianizing the message is one that should be considered carefully.

Jim Knaggs said...

Hi XS, Thanks for stopping by. Neither of us know the family referred to. I would imagine that if they objected to the use of their story in such a way, they would act upon it.

The love in their story still reminds me of the love God has for His children.