Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Creative Kids Camp

One hundred plus kids spent their Easter Camp at the Creative Kids Camp, led by the Children and Youth Departments of the Eastern Victoria Division. Their finale was tonight a the Box Hill Corps and it was a blast. There was singing, dancing, audio-visual arts, drama and loads of fun for all. The campers weren't restricted to the division. We saw kids there from all four Victoria Divisions.

Loved ones, this is worth the work. The kids were constructively engrossed in what they were doing and convincing in their shining witness of God's presence. Parents, Corps Officers, friends and strangers were all proud of the kids for their accomplishments. Lord, I imagine you were too. They honored you and demonstrated your joy convincingly.

Philippians 4:13 (NIV)
13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.


jsi said...

I needed to catch up on some of your blogs, I've missed sitting down and reading. You past few have brought such simple and plain insight.
I always look forwad tobeing able to read what you write, to see the parts of life you encounter right now. Walking, worshipping, business intentions, music - what great posts you have!
Enjoy your day today

Karen said...

Commissioner, I was struck by your scripture today. That verse has been running through my mind lately. I posted about it a few weeks ago and said, "For me, the fact that God gives us the ability to do anything isn't the hard part. I mean, I accept that- I get that- I understand that part. For me the hard part is believe that I can do anything. I get hung up on thinking that I just can't do it. It not a disbelief in God in God, it's a lack of belief in myself." I've realized its true that we can often believe in God's almightly power to do anything, but sometimes we also need to have faith in ourselves that we really can do it. I hope that makes sense...

Jim Knaggs said...

Thanks jsi.

Good word, Karen.