Sunday, 15 March 2009

Moving Forward

The Australia Southern Territory is moving forward. The progress is not in contrast to any other territory or even denomination. It is a positive statement of fact. People are being saved, helped, encouraged. We're seeing transformed lives, cared for people, disciples are being made, and the society is being reformed. Sound familiar? They're our mission imperatives and a decent measuring line by which to evaluate our mission effectiveness. My conclusion is that we're moving forward.

Is every corps growing in numbers? Is the number of people being helped increasing at every centre? Is every mission centre fully focused on our mission? No, but there are more people altogether who are being Salvationists and following the leading of an inspiring God with every hope of proving His love in abundance...advancing forward.

Matthew 11:12 (NIV)
12 From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.


beijing said...

I smiled at the measuring stick of growth, isn’t it lovely that ‘as well as the “who so ever” there is the almost as wonderful “in so much” I love it, there is a degree of moral cowardice in me I confess that I cannot walk past a beggar without reaching into my pocket, be it dollar, Naira or Yuan or pound, why? Not because I have so much compassion but because I feel the very angel wings whispering “in so much “and I wish to offend my saviour no more. It’s lovely and quaint that measuring success is by the” in so much”, God is not on the side of the biggest Battalions but on the consecrated battalions. Whilst I am not a Salvationist nor Pentecostal just a simple Christian saved by grace I tip my hat to you, I would recommend that you distance yourself from Anonymous, my undergraduate work was in sociology and I’m never sure about Anonymous...When my protocol people ask me “why do you give money to beggars? You should not they are tricking you, I answer “because Jesus is watching me I take no risk”.

beijing said...

A clarification: I referred to the concept of “anonymous” not any correspondent who uses the pseudonym, sometimes I’m sure” anonymous is the correct” judgment call.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how many people have a problem with "anonymous." If we are going to move forward as an Army and impact the world for God we need we will come across many people who will only be known to us as anonymous. To think other wise implies who we are (name, position, etc) is more important than what we think, feel, and react like. There are many people in the Bible whom we have grown to love, respect and follow, but still remain anonymous. We must not limit our faith to a My Face site, where we choose our friends. The world is full of strangers who have impacted my life, and I pray mine theirs. Anonymous.