Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Workplace Spiritual Formation

Considering that a full time worker generally spends more time at work than any other place awake, it can be unfortunate that a person potentially disconnects from their faith during this time. I'd like to suggest that there are ways in which one can connect with God throughout the day to the point at which one can actually enjoy spiritual formation in the process.

It has to do with one's desire to do so and a capacity to consider spiritual growth options in your unique environment. Our minds have the ability to consider a plethora of ideas in just a few minutes. Between emails we can think about our chores, families and what's on the television tonight. There are ways then, that we can focus on God even without distracting us from our work. It can lead to a spiritually invigorating experience even in the midst of a mundane day.

Jeremiah 46:4 (MSG)
4 Harness the horses! Up in the saddles! Battle formation! Helmets on, spears sharpened, armor in place!'

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