Saturday, 23 June 2007


While I enjoy a crowd, there are moments where a person simply likes to be alone. You can sort things out. You can think things through. You can stop to smell the roses. It's not altogether bad.

There are many people who are too alone. The word would be lonely. In these cases, they are starving for some substantive connection with someone, preferably who gives respect and cares. They may be the elderly and they may not. They might even be in the middle of a crowd and still suffer from loneliness. Look around and save someone from their loneliness. It won't cost you much.

All this is critical, but remember especially that the Lord of the universe is with you at every moment. When you know Him as Saviour of your life, Jesus will never leave you alone. Hallelujah!

"I will not leave you nor forsake you." Joshua 1: 8 NKJV

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