Tuesday, 26 June 2007


In the gathering of good friends there are tremendous blessings. Better than gathering your thoughts or gathering your belongings, getting together with your friends creates new memories and sustains you in your journey. In difficulty or consternation, gather together with your friends. Their love and concern will bring healing to your soul and hope to your heart.

Now if the friends are Jesus-lovers, all the better. Might I add, make sure your friends are believers, one way or the other. Their connection to the Source of life will bring His presence into the relationship and nourish you in the process.

Thank you, Lord for our friends. May our friendships bring joy to your heart.

Acts 20:2 (MSG)
2 Traveling through the country, passing from one gathering to another, he gave constant encouragement, lifting their spirits and charging them with fresh hope.


james said...

Friends are great! I saw a strong saying on a t-shirt awhile ago, "Friends don't let friends go to hell."

I thank God for all the friends I have! And all the friends that Ive been able to see come to know Gods love in one way or another! Thank you Jesus!

Jim Knaggs said...

J-I value your friendship.