Saturday, 16 June 2007

Court and Strickland Sightings

There have been rumours of sightings of Captains Danielle Strickland and Stephen Court. I saw them with my own eyes. They didn't know I was looking and I don’t think it mattered to them that I was watching. Across the great Hershey Giant Center, in the upper decks, no less, there they were with arms waving, praising the Lord and celebrating His presence. I could feel it from directly across this great arena.

Word has it that they are so close to coming to Australia that the enemy is significantly disturbed. His attempts to keep them out of the country have been thwarted by the victory of Jesus on the cross of Calvary. Hallelujah!

Ready or not, here they come (with their son as well – name not given of a child as is my discipline on the net). Pray for them. Ready yourself for the influence of God through them. So am I.

2 Samuel 2:14 (MSG)
14 Abner challenged Joab, "Put up your best fighters. Let's see them do their stuff." Joab said, "Good! Let them go at it!"
a rich harvest of exiles gathered in from the nations!


Anonymous said...

Let's not turn them into celebrities. I'm pleased that they are coming to join the fight but please let's remember the hundreds of other Officer's and Soldiers who don't get limelight. Hallelujah!

jeff said...

may God be in the work they are to do there. And may God continue in the work they began back in Vancouver. I praise and humbly thank the Lord for the impact they have had on my son's life, which has changed mine forever and that of my family. And for the work of the kingdom. God is mighty.

Sarah Eldridge said...

Praise God that they are finally on their way! I know that they will add to our Territory a wonderful and unique service, and I for one am looking forward to learning from them and sharing with them...the Godly and wise people they are.


Jim Knaggs said...

Multiple comments and multiple thoughts.

I'm thinking they are leaders who deserve our respect, not simple celebrities.

Anonymous said...

I agree - good Officers who are not being treated as celebrities, but certainly have a mamoth amount to share with us, and I'm sure the enemy is trembling. Bring them here, bring it on, and bring the Knaggs back safely to us too!

Simon Peter said...

How was Jesus seen in his world? How was Samuel seen, how was Elijah seen, Paul, Peter, Joshua... I'm not sure they were worshipped as celebrities, but were respected and looked upto as people with God's annointing and blessings on their lives! Same should go with 'our' Holy servants in the Army.

May God keep blessing His army and using His HOLY Servants to bring glory to Himself.

It's all in the eye of the beholder...or always anonymous, as it is on blogs!!

Anonymous said...

nice to see a celebritiy that is celebrated for something other than being famous...