Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Growing Army

Around the world and in neighbourhoods of deepest need The Salvation Army is serving God by reaching out to people in His name. Where the Army is increasing, Jesus is being glorified and sincere soldiers are being obedient to His will.

I am spending time with sisters and brothers who intimately know the Saviour and who serve Him with their every effort and intention. They're reminding me of God's incredible provision and faithfulness. Hallelujah!

Acts 1:8 (NIV)
8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."


David said...

Unlike Jesus who spent time with people who had no idea about life, who had trouble even grasping who God was.

Civilised, nice Christianity. Enjoy it with a cup of tea and a scone. And some polite conversation.

beijing said...

What a truly precious delicious way to spend the day, where do you get a scone in China even though the Church is bursting at the seams? Perhaps at the foreigner church,passport holders only thank you.No, I think I will stay with the Local Christians they might have a fuzzy idea of the faith but its great in its simplicity. It will be fascinating when the Capitalist version of the faith eventually gets its foot and body in the door, Wooo Hooo, will they take credit for the Church returned to China whilst they use UN and local cash to employ half of the new faithful, Oh its a chuckle but the scone would tempt me maybe I"m the bloodline of Esau.

Beverley from Adelaide said...

It is always a true blessing to meet up with the family of God wherever we travel, to here there love for our Jesus & their passion for being a His light in their community. The prayer & fellowship must be rising like sweet perfume, a sincere gift before our KING OF KINGS

beijing said...

In response to a query regarding "repression" of Christianity in China, sheer nonsense, one of the most delightful bible books shops I know in the world is within walking distance of the front gates of Peking University, a lovely shop with a very large poster of Jesus with lambs, at the door way in the Street. Another similar shop in Xiamen, the Peoples Government really just doesn’t want cranks representing extremist religion.
The only closed door Churches are the elitist Foreigner churches as I guess it always was, the pathetic excuse is that "the Government made me do it". I am always humbled when I go to the packed Chinese churches and a little old lady will offer me her place, perhaps she thinks I am a littler older man, Ho Ho, anyway they always find me a place, its great sharing with the church , yes I feel the undercurrent of the advance of "Rice Christians" again. I delight in the socializing and grow anxious when the first Chinese Child is sexually abused by a "Christian" in "tough love". It’s a death sentence here. Woo Hooo, but we will have the usual suspect band with flags waving marching down the main street, or with photo snaps at Tianmen Square shaking hands with the President. It would be great to see the Army in Beijing but………..

Lynn Jones said...

Commissioner - Thank you so much for sharing your insights and relections - with such evocative phrases and enthusiasm! I am always encouraged and delighted to hear of the wonderful worship experiences and the amazing people that you and Commissioner Carolyn have the privilege of experiencing. I can only imagine the great Christian fellowship that is occuring - whether it be over tea and a scone, or a curry & rice dish - or just the gift of being able to fellowship.
A note to David - I acknowledge that our perspective on life comes from where we stand and the journey that we travelled to get there. When I see your comments, which are for the most part negative, I am drawn to pray that YOU will experience an awareness of God's love and peace. Also, my respect and admiration for Commissioner is been further enhanced that he continues to share with such dignity and grace, despite detractors.
Commissioners Jim & Carolyn - my prayer is that you will both also remain constantly aware of God's abundant blessings, love, peace and compassion.
Kindest regards Lynn Jones

David said...

Lynn Jones makes a number of assumptions about a person's experience of God based on a few blog comments.

Lynn, don't you ever talk to me about matters of faith, because I now know for sure you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog entry Commissioner. I am serving in a country that is a part of SPEA,I understand what you are saying about the leaders who intimately know and serve God in their individual appointments and countries that can often be extremely difficult.

It is a privilege for me to be led by people who are committed to God, The Salvation Army and have sacrificed so much to be where they are. These leaders have left their own family, friends and all that is familiar. They are humble, caring, inspiring and godly people who I am thankful to know and serve with.

David - maybe there are assumptions being made by some because of the way you share with all of us in your entries. If you want us to know more of your faith walk we would love to hear it. God bless you on your journey.