Monday, 7 July 2008


A friend stopped by today for lunch. He was in my diary and I was expecting a discussion on something that was on his mind. Imagine my surprise when he simply indicated that he didn't have a concern for me, but rather, only thought it might be good to just have lunch. You'd never guess what mindless subject we talked about.

Can I recommend that to you in your busy life? Just have lunch. Sure, we want to maximise our lives. Who says just having lunch doesn't do that? When you do, do it in remembrance of Jesus.

Matthew 26:26 (MSG)
26 During the meal, Jesus took and blessed the bread, broke it, and gave it to his disciples: Take, eat. This is my body.


Anonymous said...

Echidnas! I bet it was echidnas!

I'm not sure echidnas like being called mindless though.

Anonymous said...

I agree I recently did coffee and chat for the same reason - its just nice to catch up with each other spend some time together and it was such a blessing there was no sense of "did I say the right thing, was that a success or a failure" Isnt that what God wants from us just to spend time together with him.
we to talked about a variety of stuff (not necessarily mindless) so was it Echidnas?- cute
God Bless

Annette Hill said...

Good point but also it is kind of a shame that we need reminding to just 'be' with others. I must not be busy enough because I almost always have lunch with people for the sole purpose of well, having lunch with them.

Not everything has to be scheduled to within an inch of it's life or have the merit of counting as 'billable hours' friends!

Eat, drink and be friendly!


Jim Knaggs said...

Nope...not echidnas...

David said...

I'm happy to shout anyone lunch/dinner/coffee/legal beverage of your choice, who wants to have a go at converting me to their faith.

Conditions apply, including, but not limited to, a ban on the eating of unpalatable Australian native animals. Particulary those with spikes.

Enquire now. Email available from Jim Knaggs.

Anonymous said...

Hi David
I'd love to do lunch or whatever - if only had the time! (Good point Comm; I keep hearing that theme of coming aside for awhile) However David I wouldn't want to do it in order to have a go at converting you to my faith. The appeal to me would be jut to 'hang' and talk about anything that comes to mind.
My faith is my faith, your faith is your faith! and I'm glad to 'see' you are still visiting salvo blogs- you challenge me a lot with your comments.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the whole idea seems to be to sit down without an agenda. I like those meals.

And for the record, I was only suggesting echidnas as a tpoic for conversation, not mastication!