Sunday, 13 July 2008

God Speaks

The written Word of God allows us to hear the voice of God. He has spoken through the ages with confidence, passion and love. He spoke and the worlds were created. He brought you and me into existence with the life of His breath.

This is why we long to be with Him and why our soul pants to just hear His voice. We are connected by divine design and why we are at a loss when we are separated. Let the whole world hear His voice. Let them tune in to the sweetness of His acceptance and forgiveness. He desires that we choose Him and recognise Him as our loving Creator. Hallelujah!

Genesis 2:7 (NIV)
7 the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.


David said...

What is the written word of God? We only have the authority of other people. Do you trust other people to tell you what is God's word?

Anonymous said...

I think God speaks words of wisdom into other people, if not I am in the wrong job. However, God tells us to rely on His word, the Bible. If what God is telling us today (the overall message) is the same as the overall message in the Bible, well we are at a good starting point. It will still need a lot of prayer and backup from other godly people. The Word never fails, just the way we try and misuse it does.
Capt David

David said...

You accept some people's assurances that the Bible is the word of God?

Many people accept a different set of people's assurances that the Quran is God's word? Muslims are just as sincere in this belief, perhaps more so.

Some people think that "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch supercedes all of the above as the latest in God's word.

So who does one believe? Personally, I don't think anyone can know enough about God to make any definite conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Its all healthy talk, but how does anyone believe in anything ? do we believe that Enclopedia Brittanica is right ? who says so? what about websters dictionary, who says that is right ? we live by it though ... our english language is based on definition and explanation in a book, so why woudlnt a Christian believe in Gods Word as truth ? as you say David, the Quran is right for many in this world, but it poses a very strong and yet perplexing question...what if they are wrong ? what then? what if we are right and they are not ? At some point in any persons life, there comes a time when they have to decide in their heart what is right and what is not. for me its the bible as the authentic inspired word of God I've based my life upon it, as have millions of others, however if thats not enough for you, and you still think we are all wacko's.... I challenge you to say a simple prayer and wait and see what God does in response. and if you will open your heart and mind to the potential answer to this question, it may just blow you away...

" God if you are real, then prove yourself to me, show yourself to me "....

of course when He does, you will need to respond to Him.Like the milliosn of the rest of us have already.. so ask carfeully and thoughtfully.

bless you


Anonymous said...

The Bible is a book written by many writers; it is a human document. When the Canon (the books of the Bible) was established in the 4th century, all of the books of the New Testament were universally acknowleged as God's written word by the Christian community. Writings that weren't unanimously acknowleged didn't make it!

No one could possibly expect a non-christian to accept the Bible as God's word. Some things to consider are:
The New Testament easily passes the test as a legitimate historical document.
There are around 5000 (surviving) primary documents about Jesus used for the biographies (gospels) in the Bible - the oldest surviving copies are from AD125-200, much more reliable than documents of Alexander the Great, Homer (Lliad), Tacitus (Annals od Imperial Rome).
Finally, don't take someone's word about Jesus to be true before you've actually read Jesus' biography from the Bible - a gospel was written by someone who was there at the time (then, decide for yourself if the account may be true or not).