Thursday, 17 July 2008

Leadership Qualities

How about these:

Decision maker
Delivers objectives

We have many in TSA with these qualities. God has granted such capacities for His honour. Hallelujah!

2 Peter 1:8 (NIV)
8 For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you Commissioner, we have within the TSA great dedicated people. My question to you is about the change in the Lieutenant / Envoy system, and about Envoys going back to wearing blue epaulettes, when for instance Staff Band and Songster members wear red. Envoys do the same work as officers in most instances and I know for a fact that at times the general public have mistaken staff band and songster members for officers. I do understand where this has come from as at one time all of the staff members were officers, but aren't we in a time where that could change? Where is the consistency and credibility in this decision process?

Anonymous said...

Yes..... Colour of epaulettes, a very important issue.

Surely we are in a time where people have more important things to worry about.

The general public commonly assume any soldier in uniform is an officer/employee/minister of the Army. This isn't a mistake! My understanding is that all soldiers are in a life-long service/ministry as a representative of the Salvos and more importantly of Christ Jesus - all without a red epaulette in sight.

Jim Knaggs said...

I hear you both.

There are many things about our systems that can be questioned.

We do agree with the priesthood of all believers, which means that all Salvationists share the joys and responsibilities.